Roxboro Area Chamber of Commerce

Education Development Committee

The Education Development Committee is committed to the education and well-being of the youth of Roxboro and Person County, and partners with the schools. This committee is in charge of the ever-popular Reality Store Program, which visits Northern Middle, Southern Middle and Roxboro Community School every spring.

The Reality Store is a nationally recognized financial literacy simulation game, targeting middle-school aged students. Each of the eighth graders are assigned a "profession" and are given a monthly "paycheck" for that job. Each student is given a blank check register and an imaginary family obligation such as, "You are married with two children." They then visit 12 stations and record any purchases in their check registers. Students learn to budget their money in order to fund housing, transportation, groceries, life chances, clothing, childcare, medical insurance, entertainment, personal grooming and utilities. At the entertainment station, students must see if they have enough money left for a trip to the movies, or decide if they should rent a DVD or check out a free one from the library. At the life chances station, they get to select a card that says, for instance, "You have just won $1,000,000 from the NC Education Lottery," or "Your car just broke down and it's going to cost $750 to repair."

The goals of the committee and the Reality Store are to teach students: